building. The existing medical offices posed special concerns for technicians during installation, as their work schedule had to be flexible around the office schedule. Also, the cleanliness of the medical offices had to be rigorously maintained.


We delivered high efficiency, competitively priced HVAC systems for both buildings, saving the medical group energy costs and down time in the process.

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Case Studies


The Longstreet Clinic

Situation The Longstreet Clinic, a growing medical specialty practice in Gainesville, GA, had outgrown its existing offices by 2001 and was in dire need of additional space. Working with Wieck Construction Co., LLC, from Nashville, Tennessee, the medical group began drafting a plan for an .extension off their current building. Wieck Construction then took bids for .the new building’s HVAC system.


Solution Just as we were selected for the job, the tragic events of .September 11, 2001 unfolded and changed our nation forever. In the wake of this disaster, it became difficult to procure materials needed for the job. Expediting the project during a time of national emergency forced us to improvise


Results Despite the difficult circumstances, the building was ready for its scheduled opening date, and on budget. This led the Norton Agency (property management company for The Longstreet Clinic) to hire us to also update portions of the 15-year-old HVAC system on the existing