outdoor condensers would have to have all the needed accessories to accommodate air conditioning in the wintertime as well as the extra long line sets.


Execution Demolition was started upon the contract being signed. We worked two 8-hour shifts a day with six men per shift. We contracted with a landscape company to remove the shrubs, dig a trench for the line sets, and replant the shrubs so that the customer would not notice any disturbance. We contacted the original control company and contracted with them to install all of the new sensors. Once the systems were complete we brought in CAS test and balance equipment, performed all the necessary start up procedures, and instructed the CAS customer on the equipment. The job went very smoothly and we actually finished ahead of the scheduled time that we had quoted to our customer.

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Case Studies


Residential Case Study 1

Problem A customer in Banks County wanted certain areas in her home different temperatures. Zoning was out of the question due to the vast square footage difference in the areas that were being served. The customer also wanted the outdoor condensing units located at least 100 feet from the house in a mountainside bunker. The most important issue was that once the work was started, it all had to be completed in five days.


Solution We decided to consult with a mechanical engineer and a Trane field engineer about the problem at hand. After discussing the situation, we decided to go with three 2-ton systems for the master suite area. The systems consisted of two stage 95% AFUE gas furnaces with 15 SEER dual fuel heat pumps. Each unit also received high efficiency air filters and steam humidifiers to control indoor air quality. The whole house was wired into a central computer system that controlled everything from heating and cooling settings to the output of light fixtures. One of the areas needed to maintain 64 degrees regardless of the exterior temperature. The other two areas needed to maintain 68 to 70 degrees at all times. The