Execution Once a contract was signed with the CAS customer, we started the installation of the durable plastic flexible ducts. The compact size of the ducts allowed the homeowner to have more speakers and lights installed than originally anticipated. The line set was installed in a chase that led to the basement so we would not have to disturb any existing dry wall or paint in the main house. After we installed the three inch diameter grilles, we had them repainted the same color as the ceiling. The customer was very pleased with the final product and even commented on the fact that the grilles were not noticeable. He said the only thing that was noticeable was how comfortable the new sun porch has become.

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Case Studies


Residential Case Study 2

Problem A customer in Braselton wanted to convert a covered deck that was elevated off the back of the house into a large sun porch. The biggest problem we faced was that there was only about six to eight inches of space to install duct, lights, low voltage speakers and insulation in the ceiling. The area below the deck was open to the exterior, so a conventional system would not work there either..


Solution We decided to install a high velocity system. After consulting with several manufacturers’ field engineers, we decided on the Unico brand. This system is compact and offers high velocity flexible ducts that are three inches in diameter and are made of durable plastic. We were able to locate the compact indoor unit in an adjacent attic with an emergency overflow drain and all the safety switches underneath the unit. The outdoor unit was located next to the existing outdoor units.