About us

In-house Fabrication Shop

While many HVAC companies farm out their metal work, we save CAS customers related markup fees because we operate CAS's own high-tech fabrication shop on site. With eight employees and a Lockformer-based shop with an Iowa Precision coil-line, Vulcan II plasma cutter and TDC station, we fabricate more than 900,000 pounds of sheet metal each year. We also fabricate stainless steel dishwasher duct (regular and polished finishes), 16-gauge welded grease duct, and 18-gauge welded galvanized ductwork.


CAS buys our steel in bulk (100,000-200,000 pounds annually) when prices are most competitive, providing another margin of savings to CAS customers.


We pride ourselves on operating one of the cleanest, safest and most productive metal shops in Georgia that ultimately increases CAS quality and lowers costs for CAS customers.