About us

Why the Contractor Matters:

You really should remove the shipping crates from the units and the customer’s roof.
About us

Why the Contractor Matters:

Notice the bend in the PVC pipe on the right furnace. This is because the pipe was so hot it melted. The furnace is not designed to be vented with PVC and it needs metal, double wall pipe.

Why CAS is the Right Contractor

1 We are family owned and operated. Since Doug Magnus founded the company in 1983 with a vision and two employees, it has grown into a 100-employee-strong family operation that still treats every customer like extended family. Putting customers first is the backbone of our company.
2 We have more than 100 years of combined experience – in management alone. We are a company that values depth of experience and loyalty. This translates into expert, reliable and professional service for you.
3 Our constant focus on efficiency means savings for you. We keep our operation at peak performance in everything we do. We use computerized dispatching and GPS units in every CAS vehicle. We buy steel in bulk. We fabricate our own steel ventilation. We use new shop technology – such as a digital plasma cutter – to streamline our system, further reducing the final cost to you.
4 NATEOur technicians are NATE Certified. Our technicians spend numerous hours each year (at least once each month) in factory-sponsored training to increase their skills and stay current on all makes of equipment. North American Technician Excellence, Inc. is the leading certification program for technicians in the heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVAC/R) industry and offers the only testing supported by the entire industry. NATE certification is given for individual technicians. We also emphasize customer service skills as part of each technician’s training.
5 We are safety-oriented and totally drug-free. With our pre-hire and random drug testing practices, you can rest assured that your property is secure and in the most competent hands. We also conduct background and driving record checks as part of the pre-hire process to ensure quality employees. Plus, weekly safety meetings review essentials such as ladder and roof safety, prescription drug usage and tag-out procedures in order to keep safety front and center.
6 Our parts and labor are fully warranted for one year. Conditioned Air Systems guarantees all brands of equipment (with proof of the purchase date and installation). We also guarantee all repair work for one full year.
7 You’ll have 24-hour emergency service. No matter the hour or the circumstance, you’ll have 24/7 service to promptly restore comfort to your home or company.
8 We’re serious about business. As members of the Better Business Bureau and the Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce, we support proven professional practices in business and within the industry.
9 We partner with your energy provider. We work with Georgia Power, Jackson EMC and Sawnee EMC for swift resolution of any comfort issues – whether inside your facility or outside.

Mission statement

We provide customers with the highest quality HVAC equipment and

service humanly possible. On every job, large or small, we work for our

customers as if we are doing the job for ourselves, always seeking to

improve in quality, efficiency and service.